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People like an uncle who prays and desires the very best, but suffers not a coin to depart from his pocket to yours in peace.
People like a gate keeper who also keeps the secrets of a boss with a mistress, and the child with an addiction.
People like a writer who knits beautiful stories, which become eternal memories yet suffer from every acne of abandonment.
People like a fiery and terrific teacher, who drops his/her heart in meaningful lessons, but begs a palm wine tapper for a drop of happiness.
People like a mother whose broken spirit is at the mercy of bones strong enough to support a troubled child.
The world is made up of people.
People like the lady who is a visitor to her body and whose soul is destroyed by the touches of familiar strangers.
People like business owners who pay smiling tithes in solemn buildings, while their servants gather bones from tables.
People like dogged leaders who cling to power even into their dreams, yet believe that ‘God will make a way.’
People like a wealthy merchant who refuses to share opportunities to others, while making morons out of their own children.
The world is made up of people.
People like preachers who pitch their voices from the tent of heaven, but wake up singing inside the huts of scandal.
People like people, who dip their hands into your dying heart and demand with all support that you keep living.
People like the oppressed who crawl up with broken knees, yet remove with hardened hearts, that ladder of hope for others.
People like James, whose blood pumps nothing but love that cannot be expressed to a broken Ada because of social stratification
The world is made up of people.
People who can surprise you.
People who forget to be people.

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