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We were in the Church, having our fellowship when these violent men invaded us and scattered the congregation, we fled (anyway they were focused on getting their main target).

They caught Bro Steve, our welfare/charity wing coordinator.
What was his crime?
Bro Steve earlier gave a word of Wisdom with deep revelation and rhema that they couldn’t decipher hence they said he spoke heresy. The most painful part is the fact that the very people that took him to court are claiming to be servants of God.

They argued with him but couldn’t resist Bro Steve’s wisdom and the spirit by which he spake, they even said he was diabolic because his face radiated like that of an angel.

We all left Bro Steve alone with them, we deserted him running for our lives, we all were not able to defend him, we couldn’t help him when he needed us most…. The thought of this makes me sad, not until it was revealed to me that someone in our fellowship followed him.

They dragged my brother out of the council chamber and began to stone him: we were praying for God to keep him standing strong and not to denounce his faith or perhaps, that God if He so wishes, could deliver him from this death, but we were all shocked and challenged when we heard him pray and ask God to forgive his murderers…

How do you expect me to believe this?

How can a man facing the
people that are determined to murder him pray for their forgiveness instead of praying for God to deliver him from their hands?

If i were him, I’d probably will pray for a fire fall.
All these questions were answered when i finally found the Person behind Bro Steve’s action, the very Person that followed him even when we fled, He was there with Steve when stones were falling on him,

Awwcch!!!!! It pains Steve cried,


That one that he threw now has blinded my right eye Steve cried.
I understand my dear endure, the Person replied, this present suffering is not worthy to be compared with the Glory that would be revealed in you.

Awwcch! Its becoming so painful and unbearable Steve cried the more.

Okay its like i have to put on a statelite cable of heaven for you to watch, the Person replied.

Wow! Steve was watching the Heavenly channel TV showing Jesus live sitting at the right hand of the Father,

Bro. Steve couldn’t control his joy that he even told the people stoning him that he is watching heaven live.

Guarrssshh!! Blasphemy!!! Huh
that stone must have dashed off his brain they laughed as they assumed he has gone insane hence affected by the stones that hit his head heavily.

At this point, My Dear Brother gave up the ghost after praying for them.

I’m sure you now know the Person that was with my Brother throughout his death?
He is the only one that stood by him even in the midst of danger,

Even the time we his brethren deserted him, This Person was with him. He is the One that made his face look like an angel’s face
He is the One that put on the statelite network of heaven showing Heaven TV at the point of death
He is the only One Bro Steve was conversing with at the death hour.

Without Him in Your christian life, you are nothing.

Read Acts chapter 6 and 7
Lets embrace Practical Christianity

(c) Isaiah Ugochukwu Obialor 2017

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