Request a Music, Video or an Album Here


Request a Music, Video or an Album Here

Do you have a Video, Music or an Album you love so much and it’s not yet on 

Have you tried usng the Search Engine on this website to look for the file but nothing was found?

Is the song, video or album officialy released by a known artist?

Is it a 2017, 2018, 2019 song, video or album?


Simply navigate down to the comment box below and place a request; Ensure to include the Title of the Music, Video or Album you need from NaijaPeek.

Admin will review your requests and approve on meeting the neccessary requirements. Your request will be attended to within 48hours and you can get the file from our website here.

Per Adventure your request is not met swiftly, you can email admin or contact us using the available contact means provided by the website.

Don’t miss out on your favorite song, video or album, Start dropping your request already!!

We can go back to as far as 2015 to meet your request.. Just keep them coming


Use the Comment Box Below 👇👇

NaijaPeek Cares!!


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