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The Little Things-By Eketi


Amani had many chores to do, chief of which was to wash her father’s cup, first thing every morning. She didn’t think it anything special & wondered why she had to be the one to do it. Maybe, she thought, it’s one of father’s tricks, to bog me down with more work. And so she washed it, carelessly. Haphazardly. And sometimes, she forgot to.

After several warnings, he hit her the next time she forgot. Two hard slaps. She sulked for days & wouldn’t talk to him. Then she forgot. Again. This time, he called her aside & quietly told her how disappointed he was that she couldn’t handle such a simple task. “What will happen if you get married to a man who’s not as patient as I am?” he asked. “Life’s success will only come when you are hardworking & diligent. If you don’t learn this now, it’ll only make life harder for you”.

As he turned and walked away, there was a sudden quietness in her spirit as thas the still small voice began to speak: “He’s right, you know. And he means well, my daughter. You should be more careful, pay more attention.

I want you to learn from this: I long to bless and raise you higher. But I will not do so if you cannot be faithful in the little things. Yes, I measure your righteousness, even in the way you wash his cup. Be faithful with a few, that I may trust you with more”.

What’s the quality of even the minutest service we render? God is watching us.

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