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One Nigeria -Kyrian Miles


Battle raging from far away.
The short one quickly untrapped his brother.
They ran off.
The hunters bumped into children in circle, playing in the poor community square.
They screamed at them.
– Run!
Strings of bullets hit a block in the square. An explosion rocked the street. The children freezed in shock. Scared.
Bullets zipped by. The children cried and ran into a building, down the square. Not that safe, but no alternative.
RPG was fired into the building, it blew some part, but the children are safe.
The taller hunter stopped.
The other one screamed at him.
– Keep moving!”
– What about the children?”
– They’re on their own, same as you and me.”
– We can’t leave them there. I can’t leave them behind. They might get killed. I must save them.”
– Then I’m talking to a dead man.”
He fleed, leaving him behind.
The taller one made into the building, then came out with the trembling children.
The sounds of battle came from all directions.
No safe spot.
He saw his friend now on the ground. Dead.
He quivered.
He mourned him silently.
His heart thumped faster.
He quickly led the children inside a long-packed abandoned vehicle beside the building.
Bullets flying.
War cry.
Children trembling with fear.
Bullet ricocheted off the weakened winshield, shattering it.
Someone in the bush fired an RPG.
The hunter saw the incoming, he tried to evacuate the kids from the vehicle, too late.
He jumped off.
The vehicle got hit by RPG.
It was a quick and effective slaughter.
The children died. It all happened so quickly he didn’t see the full carnage.
He cried out and kept running.
They fired him.
He fell on the ground, peed himself.
He moaned dreadfully.
They grabbed him.
Tears and snot ran down his face. He pleaded for his life.
The leader stepped forward, his knives and daggers swinging, as he whispered to the hunter.
Accented. – “You people rustled 200 of our cattles. Authorities failed to investigate because they take us as fools. We have already slaughtered 90 of your people, which is never equivalent to 200 of our cattles we lost. 110 is needed, including your life. That is the only language authorities hear. They’ll know we’re so smart.”
They held him.
They slammed their machete into his head. Their blades divided the man’s forehead and gashed his skull.
One sent an arrow into his neck, which erupted out the front of his throat. The pain were too much for him.
His eyes closing as he held the sword.
His mouth opened like a dying fish.
He finally gave up.
The group screamed a war cry.
They spread out.
Invading the community.
Setting the houses, cars on fire.
The whole community filled with human slaughter and screams of death.
Sadly, the authorities never moved an intch.
Few weeks later, the authorities left the people with two empty words “One Nigeria!”

© Kyrian Miles 2018

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