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Welcome to the Federal Republic of Insecurity, paraded with the name NIGERIA. A land flowing with tears and thick blood,where anguish and pain have become the asset of her citizens.
This is a country where people have been deprived of their most important human right,yet the rule of law is quiet. A place ruled by adults who have age qualification but not that of maturity.
Yes! This is Nigeria, whose citizens live with the fear of the unknown, the fear of being killed at anytime, because life has lost it’s worth. Our fundamental rights have been trampled upon and we have become refugees in our own land. Yet no one is speaking up for us,we have been abandoned and left to fate.
No where is safe, not even the Church or mosque,we can’t practice our religions freely anymore, the house of God has become a cemetery for innocent souls. Our schools,marketsand offices have become crime scenes. How did we ever get here???.
It’s time Nigerians, it’s time to stand up and protect ourselves,if our government can’t protect us,then we should protect ourselves,we can’t keep hoping in a failed government. Last I recall,self defence is not a crime in this country.
I call on our clergymen, it’s high time you start using guns along side the Bible/Qur’an to conduct prayers and services,enough of the killings in the house of God.
I call on our teachers and lecturers, go to class with your weapons of defence alongside your lesson notes and markers,defend yourselves and your students as well.
I call on market men and women, entrepreneurs, bankers, doctors and the entire citizens of this Nation to embrace self defence and stand up to our rights.
Enough of the bloodshed!! We have had enough already. Arise Nigerians!

StopTheBloodShe d

EmbraceSelfDefe nce

Umah R.O.

© Umah Roseline, 2018

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