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Why should I be generous when Albert Trans accuse me of giving fish and not teaching the world how to catch fish, why should I be generous when somewhere in Nigeria, I gave some cash notes to a road beggar and immediately my pocket disappeared? How mysterious? Why should I be generous with my talent when my country does not appreciate and encourage my effort?
Why should I be generous with my time when I am scorned for appreciation? Why should I be generous when people feel I am making a show –off? But why should say: “I will never be generous again”. Stop! Let me have a rethink.
When people give-out or are generous, it is not because they have much to give or they are rich but they do that because it is good to do so and wish to share what they have with others. Needful to say, it is humanly and heavenly rewarding because it is a God-given right.
we cannot deny the reality that

GENEROSITY IS THE GOSPEL TODAY. God does not make us prosper for the purpose of raising our standard of living but prosper us so that we can raise our standard of giving.
If you give, you are investing your life in the life of the receiver and most importantly, giving always results to receiving. Your wealth, time and talents has value only when the world benefits from it.
Are you giving because of the reward that follows?
I bring to your knowledge the words of an Ethicist, Rabbi Desslar: “People make a serious mistake in thinking that you give to those whom you love but the reality is that, you love those whom you give”. It is true because when I give you something there is part of me in you and since I love myself there is part of me in you I admire and love so much.
Be generous with your time, it heals.
Be generous with your coins, it saves.
Be generous with your brain, it inspires.
Be generous with your meal, it satisfies.
Be generous with your love, it redeems.
Be generous with your talents, it reproduces.
Be generous with your skills, it is good.
And the litany is ad infinitum…
Because true love is the love of giving and not receiving.

© Ignatius Abugu, 2018.

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