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Tales from College:The Night Love Died


Happiest outside in the garden

The silence in the lecture hall reverberated loudly, so much that a drop of water to the ground would be heard even as far the school gate. Why wouldn’t it be so when it’s the most dreaded lecturer that just entered into the hall with no folders in his hands, which automatically implies that he was going to conduct an impromptu test. That has always been Mallam Sanni’s signature.

“Get a sheet of paper,” he said and that nailed every bit of doubt any one had as to whether he would set the test or not. He picked up the marker, went to the white board and wrote down the questions. For a minute or more, i was astonished and puzzled at the questions. None of the questions looked anything like what i have seen, heard or read about.

“Sir, we haven’t been lectured on any of these topics.” A familiar, juicy and succulent voice from the back of the hall spoke out the mind of almost every one of us. I turned around and saw her standing on her feet, staring straight at Mallam Sanni.

“My Tygress,” i giggled silently.
Teressa, or Tygress as i fondly call her when i must have done something to irk her or when i need something from her. She is as fearless as the breathe of a dragon and that alone made me fall in love with her right from our year 1 in the school. It’s been almost 3 years now and our love has been nothing but a perfect love story admired by almost everyone in the school.

“Say that again.” Mallam Sanni finally replied her. “I said you haven’t lectured us on any of these topics you are testing us on.” She replied
“Young lady, get out of my class,” Mallam Sanni replied calmly albeit with a fierce look that could scare an infant to death. “Now!!!” He screamed this time around, almost bringing down the building but Terresa just stood there unflinched, smiled and then made to leave the hall. I was lost for ideas on what to do, the next thing i saw myself doing was standing up and following Terresa, My Tygress out of the class. Although a stupid thing to do but the glares i got from the rest of the students made me feel proud of myself.
“And where the hell are you going to ?” The lecturer asked me. “If she is leaving, then i have no reason to stay.” I replied and left the class with a loud bang and cheers behind. They all cheered my courage and loyalty to my girlfriend until Mallam Sanni screamed them down.
We spent the rest of that day together in my house jesting at our stupidity and how crazy we both are. We talked all through and didn’t realize that night had crawled in on us. It was then too late for her to leave my house for her house because there won’t be any bikes to carry her down there although it wasn’t that far from my house but the area was believed to be dangerous. We cooked, ate and then continued our gist until sleep knocked us off and we forgot to turn off the generator. I don’t know how but the fumes from the generator found a way to the room we were sleeping and before we could say Jack, the room was filled with smoke. We both woke up at the same time and then i quickly ran outside to turn off the generator. I was locking the main entrance door when i heard Terresa coughing profusely inside, i got inside and saw her grasping for breath. She was an asthmatic patient and now she is having an episode that must have been triggered by the smoke from the generator.

“Where’s your inhaler ?” I kept on shouting as i held her in my arms. “It must be in my room, on the bed.” She stuttered. Without waiting for a single more second, i grabbed her bag, took out her room key and ran out with the speed of lite. Ran across the streets not minding the danger of being stopped by the dreaded cult boys. I ran with all of my strength, i ran for love. I got to her room, found the inhaler on the bed, picked it up and ran back to my house with my heart beating straight out of my mouth and my breath almost ceasing.

“I got it.” I screamed as i barged into the room she was, only to be faced by her body lying lifeless on the ground. At that moment, it seemed like the whole world came crashing down on me, my body felt too heavy for my legs to carry and i fell down on my kneels. I crawled to where she laid, carried her head on my laps as i let go of a loud scream that echoed round the whole city.
That night, a part of me died. That night, love died.
In Loving memory of Terresa; the best i ever had

Written bY
Olu Olutosin

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