Man Marries 3 Women On Same Day To Avoid Extravagant Wedding Ceremony Cost

Mohammed Ssemanda, a 50-year old Muslim has gotten social media talking following his history making move last month.

According to reports, Mohammed got
married to three women on the same day in Uganda to cut wedding ceremony cost.
People got the shock of their lives when Mohammed, who is a food vendor in the town of Katabi,arrived at the local parish with 3 women, all dressed in white wedding gowns and ready to be married
to their man.

Speaking with reporters, Mohammed said his women know his financial situation and all agreed to marry him out of love.

He continued saying the women are not at all envious of one another and they all believe in him to work harder and provide for their needs.

My wives are not jealous against each other. Good enough, each has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them.

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