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Weep Not Child -Olaolu

Child and mother

This article is in no way related to the novel Weep not child by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. This article is simply symbolism.

 Weep not my child, weep not the mother said trying to compel the baby to sleep with her soothing words; can words alone put a baby to sleep, why don’t you add breast milk and see the magic.
 The mother is aware of this but can’t give the so much desired milk to the child, because the father still enjoys it and he is not ready to drop it for anybody even though he has been taking it since he was a toddler.
 This act of continuous ingestion of the mammary gland juice is not helping the body in anyway; taking what he doesn’t need, depriving the child of the necessities of growth and development.  What of some biscuits and the likes; some sugary incentives to at least appease the wailing child?
 These can’t be found as well, the father can’t afford to spare them, he loves the feeling; the response he receives from the signal his tongue sends to his brain is lovely so he decided not to stop taking them even though he has been enjoying them since when he couldn’t even remember.

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 The catastrophe has occurred, the body is infected with diabetes mellitus; the blood sugar now in excess has risen more than the body can bear, he now have to buy water from friends and foe alike as he is dispensing more than he consumes.
 The well in his house is now producing less than required compelling him to the unwarranted act of purchasing water even though he’s got a well; he has consumed more sugars than needed; now he can’t get enough water in his house.     
 He is not digging another well because he is supplementing with the water he his buying from friends, what if his only well dries out, will he be buying all the water his house needs?
 The child is wailing because he can’t get enough of anything, the father decides to give crumbs to the child because he can’t sleep peacefully in his house anymore, well you will agree with him that infinitesimal is more than nil. 
 To the surprise of the mother the child stops but for a moment till he saw the father gulping the sugar-coated cake on the family table despite the diabetes in the body; the immune system is down, the blood sugar has risen, the body is dieing. 
 The child still weeps, the father is not ready to stop despite the state of the body, and the mother is trying to appease both of them.  No one in the house is sleeping, the house is on fire and no one is making any attempt to quench it.
 The father whether he likes it or not will transcend from this realm, the weeping child whether well-nourished or not will step into the shoes of the father; I wonder what will be the fate of the house when the time comes.
 Those making attempts to put the house out of the raging fire can’t get enough water because the only well in the house is no longer enough for the drinking of the household; it is drying up, I guess it is high time we dug another well, preferably more than one.


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