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We may have come a long way
Miraged, potholed and pithy.
For it’s been a trip from
Darkness to dim light
Gory to unsustainable glory
Dependence to unrealistic independence
Since we’ve apparently got nothing to show for it.

It’s been a travailed voyage
Creeping squirming scooting through
Imperialism to colonialism
Colonialism to parliamentary system
Parliamentary system to military rule
Military rule to democracy
Democracy to pseudo-federalism.

Oh! To this day we’ve come unhinged
Like spoilt brats of a rich parent
Epitomizing instutionalized corruption, frenzied looting
Malicious tribalism, poisoned ethnicity and all whatnots
Enduring a governance filled with sad fun
That has become a massive fraud, a heinous crime
Claiming to be giant of giants but for the exercise of the mouth.

Appearing our promised land has eluded us
Metaphorically realized 40 years from independence
Yet we’ve grown 18 years older
Confirming the veracity of eternal foolery beginning at 40 years
The status quo blessing us with
Nothing in our expectant bowls but
Fragile minds and flaccid bones melting unto unpaid debts.

The present evidently has been built on shaky grounds
The future has got its clenched fist in wait for a punch
Not until we take the bull by the horn
Spilling the bitter truth unto our faces
Putting all hands on deck to break the chains
That has padlocked our promised land
Forward and backward this direction is evidently lost.

Where do we go from here?
Needless to say is responseless
For our Canaan is not farfetched
But insensitivity remains the fog
And so, we must take a walk back to the Nursery
To buckle our shoes of battle
Knock at the door of transformative revolution
To become that conspicuous diamond valued above the sky.


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