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I write with feeble hands and a scary heart for I consider myself little to ask a question so great in the room of sages worthy of being called elders beyond reproach. Yet, I ask not because I want answers but because I want to be prepared as I sojourn through this school called LIFE on a road less traveled in order to correct the errors of yesterday because of the silent neglects of yesterday’s todays. But who am I and what powers do I have to altar fate?

I am a whisper in a room of many voices; a lad at the foot of elders seeking wisdom, direction and assurance. I have seen the righteous sinned; I have seen the intelligent fail and I have seen the rich become poor; The mighty are imprisoned in their strengths and the wise are fooled by their own wisdom. Those who know their way lose their paths and the wilderness becomes their home. Lost, they are never found. Because no one really cares. Who will find me when am lost? .

The Journey into the desert begins with a path and those who got lost, got lost first by leaving. Truly, “those whom the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad” but must the mad be left to roam the streets naked because in their stubbornness they became mad? How long must the sheep be lost and how long must we sit and wait for the madness to be over? WHO WILL FIND ME WHEN AM LOST?

When things get lost, they get lost so that they can be found. But what happens when that which was lost refuses the offer of being found? People get lost not just because they were ignorant but because they were convinced of their folly. And for every folly, there is wisdom just as for every wrong, there is a right. Hence, that which refuses to be found must still be found for its refusal is also part of its “lostness”.

Sometimes, the strong mock the weak and the upright jeer at the wayward forgetting that the mad man of today was the sane man of yesterday. St Paul was right when he warned, “let he who is standing be careful lest he falls”. The Saint of today is likely the sinner of tomorrow just as the poor of today is possibly the rich man of tomorrow. We all stand the risk of being lost or being found. If I fall, who will raise me up without giving up on me? What if you go mad today, how many friends and family will find you out of madness? Who will find me when am lost?

I will find You
*”The best person to find you is YOU”…
*Fr Felix Enema Emaikwu

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